Personal Training

Personal training is about tailoring a program to you, for your goals, it isn't just giving people exercises. It is goal and progress oriented and will help you avoid that dreaded plateau. Maybe you are finally going to get help from a personal trainer. You're done doing random instagram workouts and you want to do something that is really going to help you achieve your goals. You aren't a blank canvas, you have experiences and preferences, and those are taken into consideration when we do personal training. I want to work with you on things that are going to have immediate relevance to YOUR life. That is the benefit of a personal training class over a group class. You might have to do a couple things that you wouldn't necessarily choose to do on your own, but overall my goal is to help you achieve your goals while also not making you miserable. I want you to look forward to your workouts.

Here's what I aim to do :

1 ) Be a problem solver, there's a reason you came for help, my goal is to help you achieve your goals.

2) Be an educator, I want you to understand why we are doing what we're doing, where you should 'feel it' and how this is helping you get what you want. I like for you to give me feedback, and you can always ask me why we're doing something. If I don't have an answer you don't have to do it - I tend to give very long answers, you're likely to have finished the exercise by the time I'm done explaining anyway ;)

3) Hold you accountable, I won't set your goals for you, you have to know what you want to achieve, but when we set goals I'm going to expect you to put effort into your part of the deal - completing your program and committing to our plan to get you what you want

So what should you expect at your consultation?